The Mandala Coloring Meditation Formula 4.0

COMING SOON . . . . 

How to color Love,
Health and Abundance in your life. Easily.

Sure, you can grab your favorite pencils, start coloring right away and instantly enjoy some powerful coloring benefits: a growing sense of inner peace, relaxation and deep stress relief.

BUT what if there’s a formula to exponentially multiply the benefits of your coloring experience in a way you never thought it was possible?

Welcome to my creative universe! My name is Steven Vrancken, and I am a young father, a loving partner and a lifelong arts enthusiast. My passion is my livelihood; I work as a composer, producer, musician (peaceful piano), performer, coach and, of course, as a graphic artist. My first coloring books were released in 2008.

Since then, thousands of people from all over the world have been inspired by my mandalas and music, and I’m so grateful you have found your way to my creative creations as well. And as we speak, I'm fine-tuning the upgraded edition: 'The Mandala Coloring Meditation Formula 4.0'. If you are curious to find out how to color (more) love, health and abundance in your life, please join the waiting list. I'll keep you in the loop!!

The Mandala Coloring Meditation Formula 4.0

It is simple: choose your purpose, dream or wish, and this formula can help you get there. By no means do I claim that this formula will liberate you from all potential challenges of love, health or abundance in your life—honestly, I believe challenges are a part of what makes us grow as human beings. But what I do know is that by following this formula, you have a wonderful opportunity to allow yourself to transform challenges with far greater ease and grace. But don't take my word for it, read some testimonials, or better: join the waiting list and try out for yourself!

High quality mandalas

A wide variety of + 200 High Quality Mandala Designs at your fingertips. Ranging from straightforward designs (but not too simple) to more intricate ones, without being too complicated. 

peaceful music

"These NEW MANDALAS along with their special music soundtracks are something really new! It's a deep creative meditation, a way to stay present and to empty my mind, so I can fill it with bright colors?"

video & audio tutorials

An Inspiring two-part manual and workbook (+80 pages) to inspire you on a ?spiritual and practical level: to challenge you to grow from within PLUS the audio book versions and in-depth video tutorials.

As a stress therapist, I'm blown away by how soothing all these mandalas are even without any coloring. Thank you so much for bringing the world another easy and effortless meditation system. And the addition of the unique meditative music strengthens the relaxation effects of the mandala coloring experience deeply. In my experience the colorer is, in this way, guided very easily to the deeper relaxing alpha & theta states of mind. Thank you for the highly inspiring example of your many works of art, Steven!

Olive Hernandez-Coursolle

(Stress therapist)

"I enjoy the structure and simplicity of the designs themselves. They inspire without overwhelming, opening the door to creativity rather than supplying all the details. I would recommend these mandalas to those who wish to develop their ability for creative communication, or to take their artistry to a higher level, or for those who just want to feel relaxed, encouraged to explore their inner dimension!".

Annette Hallet

Retired Medical Professional, Costa Rica