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self healing, free mandala printable mandala, mandala coloring pages
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Color Your 10 Mandalas This Weekend

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"May you awaken to the power of the mandala,
A sacred circle of light and energy,
A pathway to center—
to your center and to the universal All,
a channel for healing your body, mind, and spirit".
(Steven Vrancken, artist & musician, Belgium, 2010)

When you use these mandala coloring designs, you’re expressing who
you are and where you are on life’s journey.

Mandala coloring:



Steven Vrancken, Artist & Musician
Helping You Explore Mandala Meditation (since 2008)

"It`s like nothing you have ever experienced before!" Linda Mallory, New York

Bring yourself towards wholeness in a matter of moments through mandala coloring.

Mandala coloring pages, mandala coloring, mandala coloring book

Start coloring these 10 free mandalas in just 300 seconds :-)

"I have never experienced anything so relaxing in my entire life as coloring these Mandalas and listening to Steven`s music" (Prof. V. Kolb, Wisconsin)