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How to access your inner wisdom of light via light language and mandalas

First things first: I live in Belgium, and although I speak English very well, I do not write without mistakes.  So, excuse me & please bare with me!

I want to share with you something that will help you to connect to this mandalas healing energy.

A lightlanguage mandala

A lightlanguage mandala

It has to do with the painted and written light language that you see inside the mandala.
Light language symbols are very powerful.


– give you strength and inspiration,
– connect you to your own inner wisdom of Light
– give you an immense protective energy
– help creating space & time
to unfold your spiritual being

When you look at the mandala, I`m sure you`ll discover the light language symbols.

A Simple Light Language Exercise

1) take the mandala in front of you, an outprint or on screen
2) switch all msn chat facebooks phone things of for 3 minutes
3) close your eyes, center yourself in your heart
4) now, open your eyes and allow yourself to the mandala from your heart with these light language symbols.
5) surrender, nothing more, nothing less. Allow magick to happen, and open yourself to your inner intuitive senses.

If you would have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, I`ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
Color yourself happy with mandala coloring pages!

Mandala Coloring Meditation Is All About Listening

Let your coloring tools sing to you

Connect to their vibrations through your meditation. Listen to the colors that are eager to jump onto your mandala coloring page. Does one color’s voice or vibration stand out to you? Do you feel the urge to add other colors to your unique expression of desire?

Use your colors freely and see what magic happens. What are they singing to you? What words of wisdom are they sharing? Feel the message of their sacred song permeate your body.

Adult Mandala Coloring Page

Adult Mandala Coloring Page

Let the intention you set through the mandala coloring meditation process be the story you tell. But tell it as if it has already happened. Give your mandala life by infusing it with colors expressed from your heart. Feel uplifted as you draw, color, or sketch your story.

Know that each color symbolizes an event or a feeling you’ve associated with it. Perhaps you’ll use the color red to express the breakthrough you’ve made to manifest your intention. Maybe you’ll use shades of yellow to reflect the inner wisdom you’ve achieved. Then again, maybe you’ll use the three vibrant primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—to portray your journey back to health and wellness.

Whatever story you tell, let it come to life through the colors of your mandala.

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist

Discover How To Melt Your Stress Away with Mandala Coloring Pages; Experience Creative Healing and Meditate Effortlessly

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This mandala coloring meditation kit can help you to expand your creativity, increase your self-awareness, balance your body, your mind and your spirit. You can also get your copy to help students and patients through Art Therapy.


Feel free to take a look, and to discover also all the great bonuses you get along with the Deluxe Edition!

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
Lightwork Artist

A Mandala Coloring Tip: How To Play With Your Pencil Pressure

As you meditate on your mandala coloring page, select one color that you intuitively know will bring you the restorative energy that you need. Do this without thinking. Connect with the color from an expanded state of consciousness. Let it possess you. Then feel yourself releasing your inner thoughts and feelings onto the page.


Adjust the amount of pressure you apply to your coloring tool to create different shades and tones. Let them express the range of emotions you’re feeling. For example, press your color more firmly on the page to create intensity or passion. Or apply your color with a lighter touch to express more subtle feelings. Use whatever technique you desire to bring full expression to your healing experience.

When you’re done, step back and allow the intensity and subtleness of your creation fill your heart with healing energy.

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist

Mandalas: How to Create a Vibrant, Healing Life Force Through Meditation and Your Mandala Coloring Pages Part 4 from Take Your Mandala Coloring To The Next Level

How to Create a Vibrant, Healing Life Force Through Meditation and Your Mandala Coloring Pages

Mandala coloring meditation allows you to create a “life force for healing.” The spontaneous state of meditation that occurs when you color your mandala paves the way for you to vibrationally connect with it at the deepest levels of your being. It allows you to infuse your mandala with a unique blend of color vibrations that form a matrix for your personal healing. Every color you select has special meaning to you and is a special antidote for what you need most at that moment.



Are you ready to awaken the healing life force in your mandala? Here are some practical yet expressive ways to strengthen your healing core through the mandala coloring meditation process. All you need are your mandala coloring pages, your coloring tools, a relaxing atmosphere to make the most of your meditational experience, and a clear intention.

Life Force!

Life Force!

If you have not yet claimed your copy of the free Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit, then feel free to do this now & start creating your life force for healing right now!

Warm regards,

-Lightwork Artist