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Personalized Mandala Art For Sale: Order Your Personal Healing Mandala

Hello mandala lover!

If you are one of the several hundreds of people who downloaded the 20 free printable mandala coloring pages, then you will know I planned to open new orders for the Exclusive Mandala Healing Project. I love to create personal healing mandalas! I was supposed to accept orders last Friday. But I fell sick! I`m still working on low batteries, and cannot manage to program the order-page for the personal mandala art in time.

Mandala Art

Mandala Art For Sale

So, please bare with me! I`ll do my best to get it online as soon as possible. And when you would have signed up to receive prior notification, you`ll be among the first ones to know.

Warm regards,
All the best,

Steven Vrancken
-Lightwork Artist