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Your creative path to self healing: adult mandala coloring pages and meditation music


Do you know you can heal yourself by means of your own creativity? Healing doesn`t need to be expensive, it can be easy and affordable too. Since a couple of days, I upgraded The Free Edition of the Mandala Coloring Meditation kit. It now comes with 10 new free printable adult mandala coloring pages, all introduced by `Words of Inspiration` – samples of the complete edition.

You do not only receive these 10 free mandala coloring pages, but also The Ultimate Guide for Mandala Coloring Meditation with my top 10 tips.

Besides the 10 mandala coloring pages and the Ultimate Guide, I give you my own specially composed piano meditation music – to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere while coloring mandalas.

May you awaken to the power of the mandala!

I wish you all the best,
Steven Vrancken
Helping you explore creative self healing

New free printable children mandala coloring pages

I`m happy to announce a free printable 30 pages mandala coloring book for children. You can download it instantly for free in pdf format.

I would be happy to read your comments!

Being a musician, I also recorded a piano improvisation, soothing & relaxing piano music you can play while children are having fun with their mandalas. This is also a free download.

Children coloring pages: free printable children mandala coloring book