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New Mandala to Color: a 15 Pointed Star Mandala coloring page

Free Adult Mandala Coloring Page

15 Pointed Star Mandala to Color

Hello dear Mandala Colorer,

today I`m sharing another free Mandala to Color, it`s a 15 pointed star mandala. If you are familiar with my mandalas, then you`ll notice that this mandala coloring page is somewhat different than all the others: it`s a different style. In case you have not yet got the chance ‘to meet’ my mandalas, please consider downloading the free mandala coloring kit!

New free Mandala to color: a 15 pointed star mandala With all the available technologies these days on the computers, and with some determination and sufficient know how, you can use the computer to help you making mandalas great mandalas to color. That`s what I have done here. It all starts with a real painting which I scanned to upload it in my computer, and then I start working, tweaking, experimenting with graphic programs like Photoshop, to give birth to a new and fresh mandala coloring page.

What I like with this mandala is that it looks organic and real. It does not have the looks to be a computerized mandala. Of course, I did not make it on the computer from scratch. The basic for this mandala to color is still a real hand-drawn painting.

I see this mandala as an open mandala design, leaving enough room for you the experiment and blend colors. You can really make this mandala your own.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to give you the free download link! Download this mandala to color here.

If you have not yet read the “Top 10 tips for Mandala Coloring”: this free ebook can really help and inspire you to get more out of your coloring experiences. It comes as a gift with the free mandala coloring meditation kit. And check out the ‘inspiration‘ section of my blog too. There you will find mandala inspiration to ignite your creativity even more.

I wish you all the best, enjoy your creativity, let if flow!

Steven – Artist – Musician
Helping you to color your way to happiness

About the Mysteries of Mandala Coloring

Rainbow, mandala, coloring, page When you color mandalas, or even design them yourself, you may have noticed that mandala coloring and designing can be a very mysterious process. If you look carefully, and observe the mandala, you notice it`s really trying to give you some kind of message. In fact, the mandala itself doesn`t ‘try’, it simply ‘does’. It`s up to us to open our heart and mind so that we can receive the message and interpret it in a correct and meaningful way.

What does this mean?

Well, the first thing is already the choice of your mandala coloring page, or the design itself. Why do you feel attracted to that specific mandala coloring page? What specific feeling does this mandala convey to you? If the mandala could talk, what would it tell you? And if you could ask questions to the mandala, as you would do with a good friend, what questions would you ask?

When you start seeing the mandala itself as a living entity, your whole concept of ‘simply coloring a page’ changes, yes, it becomes a whole new reality, opening new worlds of creativity and deepened contact with yourself and the universe.

And I mean: in a very down to earth way. Mandala coloring is not a process of hiding yourself from the world, nor is it a matter of silently withdrawing yourself from worldly interactions. In fact, it`s all about your coloring intention, in the end, it`s all up to you.

And simply just having fun and joy while coloring, without asking yourself any other questions, without a ‘need’ to uncover more of the universe`s secret`s, is maybe the biggest present mandala coloring can give you… enjoying the act of creation.