A Mandala Coloring Tip: How To Play With Your Pencil Pressure

As you meditate on your mandala coloring page, select one color that you intuitively know will bring you the restorative energy that you need. Do this without thinking. Connect with the color from an expanded state of consciousness. Let it possess you. Then feel yourself releasing your inner thoughts and feelings onto the page.


Adjust the amount of pressure you apply to your coloring tool to create different shades and tones. Let them express the range of emotions you’re feeling. For example, press your color more firmly on the page to create intensity or passion. Or apply your color with a lighter touch to express more subtle feelings. Use whatever technique you desire to bring full expression to your healing experience.

When you’re done, step back and allow the intensity and subtleness of your creation fill your heart with healing energy.

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist

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