About the Mysteries of Mandala Coloring

Rainbow, mandala, coloring, page When you color mandalas, or even design them yourself, you may have noticed that mandala coloring and designing can be a very mysterious process. If you look carefully, and observe the mandala, you notice it`s really trying to give you some kind of message. In fact, the mandala itself doesn`t ‘try’, it simply ‘does’. It`s up to us to open our heart and mind so that we can receive the message and interpret it in a correct and meaningful way.

What does this mean?

Well, the first thing is already the choice of your mandala coloring page, or the design itself. Why do you feel attracted to that specific mandala coloring page? What specific feeling does this mandala convey to you? If the mandala could talk, what would it tell you? And if you could ask questions to the mandala, as you would do with a good friend, what questions would you ask?

When you start seeing the mandala itself as a living entity, your whole concept of ‘simply coloring a page’ changes, yes, it becomes a whole new reality, opening new worlds of creativity and deepened contact with yourself and the universe.

And I mean: in a very down to earth way. Mandala coloring is not a process of hiding yourself from the world, nor is it a matter of silently withdrawing yourself from worldly interactions. In fact, it`s all about your coloring intention, in the end, it`s all up to you.

And simply just having fun and joy while coloring, without asking yourself any other questions, without a ‘need’ to uncover more of the universe`s secret`s, is maybe the biggest present mandala coloring can give you… enjoying the act of creation.

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