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Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

A very inspiring video about creativity, and how the process really works. It really can be an eye opener.

“Eat, Pray, Love” Author Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses — and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. It’s a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk”.

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So, when you color mandalas, just surrender yourself, nothing more, nothing less. Be receptive for the creativity from within, and from the outside!

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Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist

Valentine Gifts: Remember Yourself & Others To Live From The Heart


Did you know? The heart is an ancient healing symbol? I really like to use the heart in mandalas. But the heart symbol itself is already very powerful, even without the supported healing energy of a mandala.

Valentine: Remember to live from the heart

Here, a quote from wikipedia:

“In religious texts the heart has historically been ascribed much mystical significance, either as metaphor or as an organ genuinely believed to have spiritual or divine attributes.

In Egyptian mythology, the heart portion of the soul was weighed in a balance against the feather of Ma’at, symbolising truth, in the judgment of the dead in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Egyptian sources do not actually reveal whether the heart had to be lighter or heavier than the feather for the deceased to pass into paradise – all depictions show only the weighing of the heart, not the actual results, heavier or lighter.

Similarly, in the Bible, this idea emerges in the earliest passages; Genesis 6:5 situates the thoughts of evil men in their hearts, and Exodus 5 through 12 speak repeatedly of the Lord “hardening Pharaoh’s heart.” By this it is meant that God made Pharaoh resolve not to let the Israelite slaves leave Egypt, in order to bring judgment against Pharaoh and demonstrate his power: “‘Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his officials so that I may perform these miraculous signs of mine among them'” (Exodus 10:1). In the Book of Jeremiah 17:9, it is written that the Lord is the judge who “tries” the human heart.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are traditional Roman Catholic devotional images”Valentine: Remember to live from the heart

These days, in during all the hassle about Saint Valentine, I believe it`s a good time to really connect to the spiritual and healing properties of the heart symbol. That`s also why I share with you this flying heart – it`s a symbol I painted, to remember you, me, others, to live from the heart.

Warm regards,

P.S.: Feel free to remember yourself and others to live from their heart!

Mandalas: Take Your Mandala Coloring To The Next Level, Part 2

.Understanding the Relationship Between Color and Your Feelings

Color affects your moods and feelings. The warm shades of green or blue can make you feel relaxed. That’s why sitting by the ocean or walking through a forest can make you feel so calm and centered. Reds can uplift you and make you feel invigorated. Purple can deepen your spiritual center.

You express yourself through color. In many cultures, when you say you’re “in the pink,” you’re telling others that you’re experiencing good health. When you wear black to a funeral, you’re expressing your solemnity and are showing your respect. When you say you want to “paint the town red,” you’re saying you’re ready to celebrate and have a good time.

You also use color to heal yourself on a conscious and unconscious level. What if you could tap into the healing strengths of color right now? Tomorrow I`ll give you some more inspiration!

Warm regards,
Steven Vrancken
-Lightwork Artist

Take Your Mandala Coloring Pages and Meditation To The Next Level – Part 1.


Take Your Mandala Coloring Pages & Meditation to the Next Level

Exploring the Magical Healing Power of Color

Color Your World “Healthy”

Did you know you can create a healthy state of being through mandala coloring meditation? You really can color your world `Healthy`. For what would you be without colors? You are born into a world of color. It’s all around you. Color represents differing qualities of light that help give meaning to your life. At the same time, color is such an integral part of your daily landscape that you often forget the many ways you’re affected by it.

Be sure to use high quality coloring pencils to color your mandala coloring pages!

Be sure to use high quality coloring pencils to color your mandala coloring pages!

Color heightens your sensitivity to the world around you.  It amplifies the beauty you see in nature. It intensifies your tactile experiences. It adds understanding to your life events—your stories. Every day you make decisions about color.  You decide what clothes you’ll wear, what foods you’ll eat, the color schemes you’ll use to decorate your home, and even the flowers you’ll plant in your garden.

In the next post, I`ll talk about the relationship between color and your feelings.

Warm regards,
Steven Vrancken

-Lightwork Artist
Bringing light in your life via Lightwork Art

How To Expand Your Consciousness With Mandala Coloring Pages and Meditation

.Opening the Doorways of Your Mind Through Mandala Coloring .

.Mandala Coloring and the Consciousness Connection

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein once stated, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” What he seemed to understand when he made this statement is that consciousness is multi-dimensional and that, when you access higher levels of consciousness, you have access to knowledge and wisdom that exist beyond ordinary awareness or understanding.

Accessing higher levels of consciousness is a little like awakening to a new reality—an expanded reality that allows you to see the truth of who you really are and that imposes no boundaries on what you can be or do.

You may be thinking, “I’d like to experience this authenticity and state of being too. How do I do it?” The answer is right here in this article. Read on to begin your mandala coloring experience and your journey to higher levels of consciousness. The art of mandala coloring is a remarkable process. It’s straight forward, fun, and transformational all at the same time. People have described mandala coloring as a healing art form, a meditative technique, and even an alternative means of journaling (see also the picture of the Tibetan Sand Mandala)

However you describe the process of coloring the circular shape of the mandala, it allows you to connect with your inner being—your divine essence. It lets you access the inner recesses of your mind and communicate your thoughts and feelings in ways that are profoundly healing and nurturing. And, it can help you reach higher levels of consciousness.

A Tibetan Sand Mandala Meditation

A Tibetan Sand Mandala Meditation

What is Consciousness?

What exactly does reaching a higher level of consciousness mean? For the answer, let’s look at the meaning of the word “consciousness.” A simple definition of this complex word is that it’s an energetic field of awareness. You might say that consciousness is a way of knowing. It means being present and fully aware on all levels of your being. It’s an evolutionary process that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

How Does Mandala Coloring Work to Expand Your Consciousness?

Coloring mandalas involves four key things: (1) the spontaneous practice of meditation, (2) the art of coloring, (3) the use of the sacred circle, and lastly (4) the proper use of an intention. Each component, by itself, is known to facilitate expanded levels of consciousness. When you put them together, they draw on one another to form an incredibly powerful medium for self-discovery, self-expression, self-healing, and self-realization. That’s mandala coloring!

Imagine yourself dropping a crystal into a pool of water. You see the waves of displaced water create concentric circles which get wider and wider, moving out into infinity. You see the physical weight of the crystal raise the level of the water, changing it forever. You also feel the vibration of the crystal energize the water.

Circles on Water

Now imagine that the water represents your consciousness and the crystal represents the mandala coloring process. Like the crystal breaking through the surface of the water, the act of coloring mandalas will stir your consciousness. Your consciousness will grow, expanding ever outward like the concentric circles of water created by the crystal. Once practiced, the mandala coloring process and its magical powers will become an integral part of your awareness, your inner wisdom. It will change who you are and how you view the world.

It will facilitate your evolution in consciousness. Experience the mandala’s consciousness expanding effects all the time by making it a part of your everyday surroundings. Follow Tip 10 of the Top 10 Mandala Coloring Tips and “hang your mandala on the wall, in your bedroom, or put it on a chest.” By seeing your colored mandala regularly, you’ll remind yourself consciously and unconsciously of your intention to expand your consciousness. It’s a very powerful visual reminder indeed!

Meditational Medicine to Enhance Your Mandala Coloring Experience

Mandalas are typically created while you’re in a meditative or contemplative state, so you can be in that place of stillness when you create. In fact, mandala coloring is considered to be a simple or easy form of meditation. That’s because coloring your mandala automatically puts you into a meditative frame of mind. As a result, it doesn’t take any extra effort to get the benefits of meditation when you color your mandala.

Meditation and Mandala Coloring

Meditation and Mandala Coloring

Plus, if you meditate before you start your mandala coloring, you’re greatly enhancing your own process of expanding consciousness. That’s one reason why relaxing music soundscapes and binaural beat meditations are offered with the mandala coloring pages set available through mandalacoloringmeditation: to positively amplify your total mandala coloring experience! Meditation allows you to relax your body and quiet your mind.

That explains why mandala coloring is such an effective tool for relieving tension and stress, and for healing. When you quiet your mind, you release its need to create boundaries and to control your thinking. Meditation also lets you artistically express what’s in your heart from a place of centeredness. When you open your heart and allow your mind to go with the flow, you’re able to see the infinite possibilities life has to offer. You’re able to view life from a higher level of consciousness.

The meditative aspects of mandala coloring present many other positive benefits. In fact, many scientific studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits derived from meditation, including some of the following:

• Lower blood pressure
• Increase concentration
• Stimulate creativity
• Overcome mental blocks
• Increase self-awareness
• Improve focus
• Promote spiritual growth

Expressing Your True Colors Through Mandala Coloring

Coloring is a right brain activity that sparks your imagination and engages your creative center. When you color a mandala, you’re not only firing up your imagination but you’re also calling on your intuition for guidance. Both imagination and intuition serve as gateways to accessing higher dimensions of consciousness.

Express your true colors through mandala coloring

Express your true colors through mandala coloring

Mandala coloring is a special way to express yourself. When you color, you’re communicating your innermost needs, wants, and desires. You’re sharing information about who you are and what you’re feeling at that moment. It’s no wonder that mandala coloring is viewed as such an effective medium for healing.

Understanding Colors and their Specific Energies

Colors have different wavelengths of energy that can affect you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. You may like a color or intuitively pick a color because you associate it with a particular incident in your life or a particular feeling. For example, you might like the color blue because it’s calming and can help bring down your blood pressure. You might be attracted to the color yellow because it’s mentally stimulating. Or, you might be partial to the color brown because you associate it with your favorite hobby, gardening.

Meditate on your colors

Meditate on your colors

Yes, colors have symbolic meanings that can help you understand yourself and your needs better. Plus, there are a number of other ways that you can use mandala coloring to positively impact your life: • Lift your spirits. • Boost and rebalance your energies. • Give voice to your soul. • Facilitate healing and promote wellness. • Provide a creative outlet. • Engage your intuition. • Allow you to journal by using color and images.

Invoking the Power of the Sacred Circle Through Mandala Coloring

The round form of the mandala is considered a sacred geometric shape. It symbolizes the center of the universe, the center of the self. Its spherical structure holds information and communicates ideas. This is one reason your intuitive mind responds to the shape of the circle. It’s also the reason that coloring mandalas is such an effective tool to gain intuitive insights and self-understanding. The mandala’s circular design has the power to engage you on a cellular level—to facilitate healing. When you gaze into the mandala, it draws you in and allows you to connect with its energy on a deep level. It initiates changes in your consciousness.

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Look back again to Tip 10 of the Top 10 Mandala Coloring Tips to learn more about how you can experience this sacred connection. In a nutshell, Tip 10 encourages you to “finish your mandala with your eyes only.” It means exploring the depths of the mandala and receiving its infinite wisdom. Yes, by gazing at your colored mandala, you can discover how to expand your consciousness exponentially.

As you use your mandala coloring pages, reflect on what the circle is communicating to you. Is it your state of wellness? Perhaps it’s your soul’s desire. Or, maybe the circle is offering you intuitive insights about your life, like:

• Your evolutionary journey
• Cyclic patterns you’ve created in your life
• The levels of consciousness that are creating your reality
• Your sacred self
• Your connection to universal wisdom
• Your hopes, dreams, and desires

Reaching New Plateaus of Consciousness With Mandala Coloring Pages

The process of mandala coloring can promote ever expanding levels of consciousness. When you grow in consciousness, you increase your awareness of your inner being and your outer reality. You feel uplifted and are able to see your experiences in a different light. Instead of focusing on obstacles or limitations, you see new choices and limitless opportunities to learn and grow. Higher consciousness lets you look inward to find your answers and to access creative channels.

It offers you opportunities to open your pathways to healing. Get ready to experience the benefits of meditation, the healing powers of color, the energy of the sacred circle, and the manifestation of your intention.

You can receive all of these benefits through the creative art of mandala coloring. Begin your journey to raise your consciousness today by going to for your free mandala coloring pages and the Top 10 Mandala Coloring Tips. They will profoundly change your life!

Warm regards,
Steven Vrancken -Lightwork Artist

P.S.: Feel free to post your comment, ask a question, or share your mandala coloring experiences!

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