Discover How To Melt Your Stress Away with Mandala Coloring Pages; Experience Creative Healing and Meditate Effortlessly

Balance your Body, your Mind and your Spirit through the `Deluxe Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit. Limited offer.

.I`m very happy to announce, today, the official launch of the DELUXE Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit!

After months and months of designing mandala coloring pages, composing music, making the meditations… it is finally ready and online for purchase. There are over 50 handmade mandala coloring pages, and over 150 minutes of mp3 music and meditations.

This mandala coloring meditation kit can help you to expand your creativity, increase your self-awareness, balance your body, your mind and your spirit. You can also get your copy to help students and patients through Art Therapy.


Feel free to take a look, and to discover also all the great bonuses you get along with the Deluxe Edition!

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
Lightwork Artist

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