Mandala Coloring Meditation Is All About Listening

Let your coloring tools sing to you

Connect to their vibrations through your meditation. Listen to the colors that are eager to jump onto your mandala coloring page. Does one color’s voice or vibration stand out to you? Do you feel the urge to add other colors to your unique expression of desire?

Use your colors freely and see what magic happens. What are they singing to you? What words of wisdom are they sharing? Feel the message of their sacred song permeate your body.

Adult Mandala Coloring Page

Adult Mandala Coloring Page

Let the intention you set through the mandala coloring meditation process be the story you tell. But tell it as if it has already happened. Give your mandala life by infusing it with colors expressed from your heart. Feel uplifted as you draw, color, or sketch your story.

Know that each color symbolizes an event or a feeling you’ve associated with it. Perhaps you’ll use the color red to express the breakthrough you’ve made to manifest your intention. Maybe you’ll use shades of yellow to reflect the inner wisdom you’ve achieved. Then again, maybe you’ll use the three vibrant primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—to portray your journey back to health and wellness.

Whatever story you tell, let it come to life through the colors of your mandala.

Warm regards,

Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist

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