Mandalas: Take Your Mandala Coloring To The Next Level, Part 2

.Understanding the Relationship Between Color and Your Feelings

Color affects your moods and feelings. The warm shades of green or blue can make you feel relaxed. That’s why sitting by the ocean or walking through a forest can make you feel so calm and centered. Reds can uplift you and make you feel invigorated. Purple can deepen your spiritual center.

You express yourself through color. In many cultures, when you say you’re “in the pink,” you’re telling others that you’re experiencing good health. When you wear black to a funeral, you’re expressing your solemnity and are showing your respect. When you say you want to “paint the town red,” you’re saying you’re ready to celebrate and have a good time.

You also use color to heal yourself on a conscious and unconscious level. What if you could tap into the healing strengths of color right now? Tomorrow I`ll give you some more inspiration!

Warm regards,
Steven Vrancken
-Lightwork Artist

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