Mandalas: Take Your Mandala Coloring To The Next Level, Part 3: Color As An Energetic Healer In Mandalas

Color as an Energetic Healer in Mandalas

Color has been used as an effective tool for healing since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used color in their healing practices, as did other cultures around the world. Today, color is seen by many as a vibrational or energetic healing modality—a form of complementary medicine. Why? A simple explanation is that color is light, or energy. Each color operates on its own wavelength. You might say that each color has its own healing frequency. And, you don’t even need to see a particular color to be affected by it. You can absorb the vibration of color just by being in its presence.

A Mandala with lightlanguage

A Mandala with lightlanguage

Stop and think of the number of ways that you instinctively use color to heal yourself. Have you ever craved the warmth of the sun? It may be because the sun’s colorful light rays stimulate the cellular functions of your body in ways that make you heal. How about admiring the beauty of a rainbow? Does it fill you with peace and calmness?

Yes, color can invigorate you, relax you, allow you to focus, or make you feel deeply reflective. And, it can also affect your physical state in different ways. Specific colors are known to help lower blood pressure, reduce physical sensations of pain, and promote restful sleep. That`s one of the so many reasons why mandala coloring pages are so beneficial: you are healing yourself through a specific combination of intuitively chosen colors.

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