Mandalas to colour are getting extremely popular nowadays!

Mandala colouring meditation featured in The Guardian

Tsunami-like traffic increase to mandala website

A couple days ago I was pleasantly surprised to see a sudden tsunami-like increase in traffic to my mandala website. Such an amazing increase that I checked out my website analytics data, to gain some insights into where all this new traffic was coming from. Quickly I discovered that it mainly came from the website of the UK-based internationally respected newspaper ‘The Guardian’, winner of the Pulitzer prize.

Philippa Perry, a psychotherapist and published author, wrote the article with the headline ‘Colouring in can free your mind. Let`s learn how to play again’. In this article, she talks about how adults, as they grow up and get older, easily forget about the joy and learning potential of play. And that one specific tool, helping grown ups remain playful, is really getting immensely popular these days: colouring.

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Colouring in can free your mind. The Guardian features mandalas to color

Mandalas to colour as featured in The Guardian

(Yes, please note that, because I’m referring to Perry’s article, I’m using the British variant of ‘colouring’ instead of the American way of spelling ‘coloring’).

One of the colouring books she mentions in her article is Secret Garden, a book by Johanna Basford, which has sold over 1.4m copies, and has hit the top of Amazon`s bestseller list this month. Colouring, Perry continues, is not a passive act, it`s all about making creative decisions and about freeing up your mind to become more creative. I totally agree! That is exactly the reason why I created the first edition of the Mandala Colouring Meditation Kit way back in 2007: to help adults like you and me to free our minds, and to lift our spirits. I`ve been working intensely to create 8 mandala colouring books, together with a colouring guide & relaxing music. A complete creative meditation system so to speak, helping you to develop and/or maintain a playful state of mind.

I`ve not (yet) reached the top 1 Amazon`s bestseller list, though I could say that my mandalas to colour are very popular as well, especially considering that mandalas are intended for a more specific target group – mandala colouring books are far less know to the general public than the average colouring book. If you want to know more about mandalas, please read my article “your introduction to the healing powers of mandala coloring pages”.

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Mandalas to colour help you to enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of meditation

The second coloring book Perry mentions in her article – the reason for the immense increase in traffic to my website – is the mandala colouring book I`m offering for free, as an introduction to the complete mandala colouring meditation kit 2.0 – providing over 200 beautiful mandalas in different shapes and gradations from easy to average & advanced. Seeing my website ‘Mandala colouring meditation’ appearing in Perry`s article really makes me happy! This is proof that colouring is becoming quite popular these days, and that more and more people are finally realizing what wonderful benefits that mandalas to colour can provide, especially if you colour mandalas. Mandalas to colour are one of the easiest ways, as I feel, to enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.

Galactic Mandala to colour

Here you find a galactic mandala colouring page

Perry writes that my website ‘claims’ that colouring is a helpful tool for meditation, and that she`s not very comfortable with the non-specific language I use on my website like “heal your mind, body & spirit”. Well… to be honest, I`m also not a fan of this kind of language, unless I know for sure that there are no claims being made, simply a description of down to earth reality. Don`t take my words for it, just read the reviews from people that have used and are probably still using my Mandala Colouring Meditation Kit 2.0. I`m receiving these kinds of positive reviews very regularly: my mandalas to colour are being used all over the world, not only by family households, but also by professional art therapist, psychotherapists, psychologists and life coaches. I even got emails from people who use it in prisons… literally freeing minds. And of course! Mandalas to colour are not for everyone, and I cannot guarantee that you will experience all the benefits up to the same extent of what you read in the reviews on my website or anywhere else on the internet. If it doesn`t work for you, then something else will do the job for you,… The beauty is that we live in a world full of exciting & unlimited possibilities! So, if you feel ready to explore mandala colouring, please be my guest! Kindly, Steven Vrancken Artist – Bruges (Belgium) Click here to start colouring!

Please note: Compared to the ones you find on Amazon, my colouring books are, only available as downloadable PDF files, as ebooks. You can`t get them on Amazon or in any other bookstore (yet?), though, you can save them on your computer and print them whenever you like and in as many copies as you can draw 🙂 I believe colouring ebooks have great advantages over hard copy colouring books, to name just a few: 1) ebooks are more ecological, you only print what you need 2) you don`t need to re-buy these books to start colouring again, you can print as many pages as you like, over and over again, and 3) ebooks are wonderful for left-handers and right-handers, something which is often overlooked.

Mandalas to Colour - sneak preview

colouring mandalas can bring you a lot of creative joy!


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