Improve your mandala coloring with relaxing music

Piano & world music by Steven Vrancken

Dear mandala enthusiast, I feel happy to be able to share, besides all my mandala coloring pages on this site, my music as well. It`s a great idea to listen to this music while coloring your mandalas, it will give you a deep sense of relaxation and being at ease.

I was never taught how to play the piano, I`m an autodidact – it was during my studies of communication sciences in MontrĂ©al that I first touched piano keys… and that moment, I fell in love with the sound of the piano!

On my music site you can download for free a lot more piano music!

Step by step I witnessed how simple melodies found their way through my hands, giving me a deep sense of coming home and relaxation. It took 6 more years before I had the courage to give my first concert, and 2 years more to record my first solo piano CD “Into resonance”.

Here I share some free downloads, and a link to CDbaby and iTunes if you like to purchase my full CD.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment, I`m curious to read about your listening experiences!


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