My Favorite Mandala Coloring Pages Tip: Color With The Heart Of A Child

You`ll find my favorite mandala coloring pages tip in my short eBook `the top 10 tips to boost your mandala coloring pages experience`. For the moment, tip number 7 is my favorite: `Color with the heart of a child, without any limits: everything is possible, there are no rules!`

What I like about children is that they are very spontaneous. They do what they do, nothing more, nothing less. There are parts in myself that like to be very rational & structured. Parts that like to `color between the lines`. Parts that block the spontaneous creative flow that wants to express itself through myself. And at the same time, there is also a part inside myself that is always joyful, always playing, with the heart of a child.

Mandala coloring is, for me, an ideal opportunity to connect myself to the inner child. To let it out. To welcome it in my life. For 100 %.

Mandala Coloring Pages Tip 7: Color with the heart of a child!

Mandala Coloring Pages Tip 7: Color with the heart of a child!

That`s one of the reasons why I like, besides coloring adult mandala coloring pages, mandala coloring pages for kids sometimes even more. Simply because those simple or `easy` mandala coloring pages make a direct connection with my inner child. And while coloring a mandala coloring page for kids, I address that call. And that feels great!

Steven Vrancken
– Lightwork Artist
Bringing light in your life via Lightwork Art

P.S.: The free edition of the Mandala Coloring Pages Meditation Kit includes advanced, intermediate and children mandala coloring pages.

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