Reviews about mandalas to color

People`s reviews about mandala coloring meditation

A free style mandala on aquarel paper Every week or so, I receive some spontaneous enthusiastic reviews from people all around the world, sharing their experiences with my mandalas to color. As I feel, mandala coloring has many different kinds of benefits, on various levels of our being. At the same time, I cannot guarantee that mandala coloring works for you, and that you will experience all the positive effects coloring has to offer (just read all the reviews to get a taste). In the end, it all depends on your openness to receive. And we all know… even if we’re sometimes in denial: there is no magic pill to solve all of our burdens and problems. A solution may show itself in different ways, shapes and forms… and it is our duty to recognize it and to take action when our gut tells us to do so.

Mandala coloring may work for you, or not. And even so… if you just want to color for fun, without the desire to solve any specific issues in your life such as stress, boredom, headache, depression… it’s just meant to be fun, nothing more, nothing less. Coloring mandalas is not to be taken too seriously! I feel we should approach them with a child like attitude, and just enjoy the process, alone and with good music and a nice cup of tea… or with a bunch of friends. And then, out of the blue, you might be surprised how deeply they can impact you and help you make profound shifts.

That being said, I’ll let other people do the talking, the ones that sent me their experiences and reviews through mail. For the sake of privacy, I only mention their first name. And if you want to read some reviews of people who gave me permission to share their pictures and names, please visit my reviews page here.

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Review about my free mandala coloring meditation kit

Christiane sent me the following email after having signed up for the free edition of the mandala coloring meditation kit (which offers 10 free mandalas to color) I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you are doing in sharing and spreading the mandala colouring in this way. Have just printed everything out, and listened to the lovely music clip – and I look forward to ‘getting into the mood’ that way when I’m ready to start. Even just printing the sheets out, and taking in the different intentions of each of the ten mandala samples, was very moving. I’m sure I will come back to you with questions or more comments, after getting more into this. So – thank you so so much for your open-heartedness and generosity towards all who find your offer / your website. Warm wishes to you, Christiane

Review as a reply to my mandala coloring discount offer

One of my earliest and very small mandala art paintings, way back around 2000 From time to time, I send a generous discount offer to the subscribers of my email list. However, even then not everybody can afford to spend even a little money. This is Pam’s answer, as a reply to my discount offer: Hi Steven. The mandala coloring kit is worth more than you are asking, whatever price you are asking! Steven, I am unemployed and have no money. I sent you the last email to tell you that you have an excellent product, just to let you know that a lot of people should be interested. I cannot offer a “best fair price” because I have no money to pay for it. I just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with what I have seen of your work – it is awesome and the idea of the music with the coloring books is an excellent one. Keep up the good stuff and make sure you get what this product is really worth. In peace, Pam

Two more spontaneous reviews after receiving the free mandalas to color edition

Mandala review 1: Hi Steven, I am loving the mandalas, as is my 8 year old daughter. I hang the completed mandalas in our sacred space and around our dreamboards and the dreamboards of the rest of the family. I find that I get lost in them, so thank you, Muriosa  

Mandala review 2: Dear Steven, Greetings from Tanzania East Africa. And thank you sooo much for your gifts of free Mandala coloring. I downloaded them and I am working them out with myself and with my students in schools where I teach Holistic Education. (…) Sincerely yours Sr. Gladys

There are many, many other reviews and mandala testimonials. I cannot feature all of them in this blog post. However, from time to time I might publish some of them, just to provide you with a taste of what mandala coloring can bring to your life. If you have not yet received your 10 free mandala coloring pages, just click here to start colouring!

Oh yes! If you want to share your experiences about mandala coloring, please add your comment below, I am (and the readers of this blog are) very curious to hear about your experiences,

All the best,

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