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Vera`s review about the mandala coloring meditation kit 2.0 I have never experienced anything so relaxing in my entire life as coloring these Mandalas and listening to Steven`s music “Until rather recently, I did not know what Mandalas were. Now I cannot live without them. The moment I started coloring the Mandalas, I felt totally relaxed. I have never been so relaxed in my life. I fell in love with coloring them. I copied the same Mandalas and have experimented with different color combinations. They always come out exciting and beautiful. When we get hit by the snowfalls in the months of December and January (Wisconsin, I think, can be the world’s producer of snow!), I plan on watching snow falling and coloring Steven’s Mandalas.

The music was another huge surprise and a very gratifying experience. It is a type of music which is new to me. It has an intrinsic artistic value, and thus can be listened to over and over again. I was totally impressed with the creative aspect of it.

In conclusion, I have never experienced anything so relaxing in my entire life as coloring Mandalas and listening to Steven’s music. I am even wondering if this combination can be put in use for treating patients who are suffering from stress-related symptoms. Our modern world is often placing us in stressful situations which have an adverse effect on our health, both mental and physical. I
now believe that Steven’s package can be of great help to us as an antidote to the modern world, in addition to connecting with our inner selves. Thank you, Steven!” (Vera Kolb, Professor, USA – Wisconsin)

Olive`s review from the mandala coloring meditation kit 2.0 “Good morning, Steven! I believe in you and your art. Thank you so much for this priceless offer! Spirit has been nudging me to do something to reconnect to my own inner realm again. Your mandala art is the way. What a wonderful synchronicity! Thank you again! I will tell all my friends about your art, offer or no offer. Many blessings!” (Olive Hernandez-Coursolle, Intuitive life coach and healer, Stress and Professional Relaxation Therapist, Meridian psychotherapist. Main Site:

Linda`s testimonial about the mandala coloring meditation kitIt is like nothing you have ever experienced before! “Before downloading Steven’s Mandala Kit, I mainly used the ones I got off the internet for free to use with the ADHD children I work with. Studies have proven that if you give children who have difficulty focusing a mandala to color, they are better able to focus. I am finding a great amount of enjoyment and relaxation from these new coloring mandalas.

It is hard to pick just one thing. I like the variety we have to choose from. I have been wanting to get into Mandala Meditation for a while. This kit is perfect whether you are a beginner or you have been doing this for a while. You have got to try Steven Vrancken’s Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before!” (Linda Mallory, Teacher’s Assistant, Whitesville, New York, USA)

Marina`s testimonial about the mandala coloring meditation kit “There are so many reasons to buy your mandala kit . . . I really like the quality and variety of the mandala designs, and the meditation music. Mandala coloring is like having a therapy session complete with art and music! It helps to connect me with mycreative spirit. The Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit makes me feel at peace with my soul and awakens me to new possibilities to create the life I want to live”. (Marina Argenti, Art Therapist, Italy)

Annettes testimonial about the mandala coloring meditation kit “I enjoy the structure and simplicity of the designs themselves. They inspire without overwhelming, opening the door to creativity rather than supplying all the details. I would recommend this kit to those who wish to develop their ability for creative communication, or to take their artistry to a higher level, or for those who just want to feel relaxed, encouraged to explore their inner dimension!” (Annette Hallet, Retired Medical Professional, Costa Rica)

Nitzan`s review about the mandala coloring meditation kit “Steven, I think your work is simply amazing. I love all of it! I particularly like the beginning of each book because it contains words that inspire me, and it provides explanations about the intentions behind each type of mandala. I also love the fact that the mandala coloring pages are divided into books covering different subjects. Depending on what I’m trying to achieve, it helps me to focus on that particular goal.

This mandala kit gave me all the tools and information I needed. Now I understand that it’s not just about coloring; it’s about a lot more! And the music really helped me to go deeper into the meditative process. I felt as though the music was connected to the mandalas in some way or another. It gave me the feeling that I could safely surrender to the flow of my feelings, knowing that all is well.” (Nitzan Gazit, Yoga Teacher, Hadera, Israel).

Tammy`s review about the mandala coloring meditation kit “I would recommend the Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit wholeheartedly. It is such a great way to relieve stress and center yourself. I want to thank you. I have always loved to color, and found mandalas a few years ago. When I get ‘in the zone’ I like to have the symmetry I expect when I start. I’ve found mandalas that throw me off because something’s off, not where it should be, or something extra where it shouldn’t be. With your mandalas I know I will finish them because they flow so smoothly. With that knowledge I’m able to concentrate on my colors and how I’m going to use them”. (Tammy Quirindongo, Dietary Aide at a residential treatment program for kids, and a mom, Austin, Minnesota, USA)

  • Judith says:

    I recently began coloring mandalas, out of boredom, at the hospital. I, unfortunately suffer from bipolar disorder, which causes me to, at times, haave prolonged periods of time with racing thoughts where my mind won’t be peaceful and make poor, impulsive decisions. It can also cause me to feel crushingly depressed and worthless, basically, sadly, no peace of mind, no “presence of the moment”. Coloring mandalas have, I believe, served as a form of meditation for me and, again, I believe, saved me from needing even more medication. It’s allowed me long missed peace and presence of mind.

  • steven says:

    Thanks for your comment Judith, and it really makes me happy to hear that coloring mandalas can help you find peace of mind, and support you to feel worthy. Wishing you all the best, kindly, Steven

  • Paul says:


    This message is long over due but I just wanted to send you a quick update, the students LOVE these pages! I must admit when I am sitting with them in a small group I am amazed what kind of conversations pop up and how open they are to each other. I have been giving each person one marker and then I have them ask each other to swap. This is the perfect tool for a social skills class. We do this once a week or when someone does not want to talk we will break them out and eventually the conversation will begin. I have used these in my special needs class room, the office and in genral education rooms with great results!

    I will send scans and the students thoughts soon.

    Thanks again,

  • Anne says:

    Hello Steven,

    Thanks for your offer. I am still enjoying your beautiful mandalas, and have now turned on my sister and her two
    kids, plus my friend and her husband. It seems to switch on some extra bits of DNA or something. Now when I am out and about I see mandalas company logos, in plants, in crockery and knitwear. Yes, they are well on their way to world domination, hidden in plain sight!

    Mandalaworld will be so peaceful and pretty as soldiers put down their guns and pick up their crayons, all thse serious looking folk in court will be scribbling on their colouring pages, not their briefs, farmers will be making their own crop circles, and policemen will say “I’m sorry sir, but you can’t just put cerise next to mandarin and expect to get away with it…”(some things will still be criminal) and governments will define poverty as not having enough to buy fine-liners…..or indeed, Steve’s scrummy kits!

  • Amy Doole says:

    Hi, I want to tell everyone that Steve’s art of Mandala coloring for meditations are great gifts for stress release and foucs on yourself and behind the world. They are really healing. I tried ten of free mandala s, WOW! I felt so peaceful and stress release. What I did sit down and light candle with smell good to soothing your spirit with color penicals and take a deep breath and relax and meditation same time coloring them, you would be so surprise how beautiful they are… Thanks to Steve for the gifts of Art from GOD!!!! I love them and looking forward to get more!!!!! :o)
    From Woodbury, MN

  • Lori says:

    Hi, Just found these at an art fair in Kent, Ohio yesterday and love them. I bought 3 pages instead of a book and am sorry I didn’t buy the book. Always stressful life and hope this will help. I have also tried meditation with much frustration but see how this may help with concentration and letting go. I went to my local craft store today to find markers and maybe a book but no luck with book. Trying your free download. Would love to try my own. will post again in a week or so and let you know how things are going.

  • Nicoleta says:

    Hy Steven, mandalas offered you are exceptional tools in psychotherapy, and in particular in working with children. The coloring activity is an activity natural and pleasant to them, so relaxing and also a gate of entry into their souls.Thank you once again for your generosity! Nicoleta, Romania

  • steven says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment and review Nicoletta! Great to read that you use the mandalas to color in psychotherapy sessions. If you once feel like sharing more, how exactly you use them and what the visible results are,… am eager to know more,kindly,

  • steven says:

    Hi Lori, thanks for your reaction, and I`m curious if you managed to print the mandalas to color that you can download for free on my site here,

    wishing you all the best,

  • steven says:

    Hi Amay,

    thanks a lot for your reaction, and I am happy to hear you tried all of the ten free mandalas to color, and that you felt immediate stress release and inner peace. Wishing you all the best!


  • steven says:

    Hi Paul, my message is also a little bit over due… just to let you know I`m really happy to know your students love these mandalas to color! So wonderful to hear the mandala coloring pages give a safe haven to start conversations… helping them to open up towards each other. I wish I had these mandalas to color in my classroom when I was a teenager, and a teacher like you 🙂

    All the best,

  • steven says:

    Yes Anne, I know what you mean 🙂 once you start with mandalas to color, and when you are really getting into it, you start seeing mandalas everywhere!

    Wishing you all the best,

  • FrAncisca says:

    I am a 2nd grade school teceahr in Sacramento. Do you have field trips come to your farm? If so, can you please send me more info. Thank you.

  • Carol Ellen says:

    I never received the mandala coloring book. I still would like to receive it.

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