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Mandala Coloring Pages: A Fun Way to Bring Out Your Inner Happiness

Coloring pages can help you connect to authentic happiness and inner peace, especially when you are coloring a mandala.

A Square Mandala Coloring Page in Deep Space

If you dance along the edges of the mandala, you’ll find your inner happiness awakening within, ready to lift your spirit through its colors.

You see, we all desire happiness in our lives. But, sometimes, our lives move in unexpected directions. We have up days, and we have those down days where nothing seems to go right. And, if we have enough of those down days, we can start to lose sight of our inner happiness.

Now, that’s not to say that our inner happiness is truly lost. It simply gets buried in the grind of our daily lives. That’s why I love playing with the mandala form and all the different mandala coloring pages I’ve created. When I color within the mandala’s circular form, I immediately start to feel more relaxed and energized. And then it happens: my inner happiness starts to emerge, followed by an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.

Walk Along The Mandala Circle of Happiness

A simple colored, painted mandala on canvas, with gold

I like to refer to the mandala as a circle of happiness, and here’s the reason why. For starters, mandala, which is Sanskrit in origin, loosely means circle. It’s the sacred round that’s been around since the dawn of time. The geometric shape of the circle—one end connecting with the other in a never-ending loop—is a constant reminder to me of the beauty of simplicity. But don’t let its simple shape fool you. This ancient geometric pattern has the power to make you feel happy, peaceful, and joyous.

By walking the circle of happiness, I mean engaging the power of the mandala by drawing or coloring on it—by putting your imprint on it. Just imagine outlining the circle with your favorite coloring tool, like a colored pencil or a crayon, and then creating a unique design within its circular border. When you do that, you’re engaging your inner creativity and unleashing your inner joy—you’re walking the circle of happiness!

How Do Mandala Coloring Pages Increase Your Measure of Happiness?

Mandala coloring page 15 pointed starMandalas are recognized universally as tools that promote positivity, or positive thoughts and emotions. And, they’re also considered instruments for healing. It may sound strange, but just think of the mandala’s circular matrix and its center point as a form from which anything can be realized. When you create a mandala by infusing it with lines and/or color, you’re also bringing forth new ideas, unlimited possibilities, and positive states of well-being.

Did you know that coloring a mandala can cause the spontaneous generation of happiness? You have to try it sometime. Adding vibrant splashes of color to the circular form can make you feel good all over. Sometimes when I design my mandala coloring page, I’m reminded of things that make me happy, such as watching the leaves fall on a beautiful autumn day, or enjoying a decadent dessert with my best friend, or just relaxing under a tree.

You also can design a mandala to color by seeing it as a visual portrait of yourself—vibrant and healthy. Remember that the mandala is a powerful healing tool. So, create your mandala to color with healthy and happy thoughts; and, then, every time you look at it, you’ll instantly feel refreshed, revitalized, and renewed.

Breathe Life Into Your Mandala Through Color

You know, by adding definition to your mandala, you’re breathing life into it. So, bring on the paints and the glitter and the colored chalk, or whatever artistic medium you prefer. Express your heart’s desire through your mandala coloring page and simultaneously create a pathway for its manifestation.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Energy flows where attention goes”? It means that you can manifest a desired outcome by focusing your attention (your energy) on it. That’s the beauty of creating your own personal mandala. You’re infusing it with your intention. So, if you want to be in a state of happiness, just start coloring with that focus in mind. Before you know it, your whole being will be filled with happiness.

The Added Benefits of Mandala Coloring

A purple and violed colored mandala coloring page in spacePicture yourself sitting with your mandala coloring pages in front of you.

Now, set an intention and activate the energy of the mandala by showering it with color.

It’s that simple.

Through mandala coloring, you can realize the following benefits and much more:


•    Experience positive states of being like happiness and joy
•    Broaden your creativity and vision
•    Express your heart’s desire and manifest it
•    Experience the benefits of meditation and relaxation

•    Have fun bringing out your inner child
•    Increase your laughter quotient
•    Create peace of mind
•    Promote healing

By adding your own artistic touches to your mandala, you can express who you are and how you want to feel. If you want to color yourself “happy,” then simply think of the things that make you happy and start drawing or coloring your mandala. Before you know it, you’ll be beaming with happiness from the inside out!

Any questions? Or feel like sharing your coloring experiences? Please comment on this article below!

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Steven Vrancken
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