Free Mandala Coloring Pages For Children

Free Mandala Coloring Pages For Children

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Free children mandala coloring pagesDear friend,

Mandala coloring is very educative & fun!

Download 30 free printable mandala coloring pages for children
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Did you ever realize that `normal`  coloring books can restrict the unlimited potential that that resides in children? Why? Normal coloring books always come with restrictions on `how to color correctly`. An apple never can be purple. A human face never can be green. Wood is always brown, and the sky is always blue.

Coloring mandalas frees the children`s minds. Coloring mandalas encourages children to `think out of the box`, and to use their own imagination. That`s why coloring mandalas is a great aid for children to develop their own creativity and imagination. Instead of letting spend children time in front of the television, let them color mandalas! They`ll not only relax themselves while coloring, they`ll also learn to express their own imagination and intuition.

Relaxing music for children while coloring...

These free printable mandala coloring pages for children are a great alternative to the more common coloring books filled with cartoon characters. For children, coloring a mandala is an easy and fun way to forget the things going on in their lives, even if only for a short moment. This book is a perfect introduction to mandalas for children, and for adults who like to color with the simplicity of a child! If you are a more advanced mandala colorer, then you can use these children mandalas – as templates to develop your own children mandalas- or to transform these simple mandalas in really beautiful and unique pieces of art by using your experienced coloring techniques.

I wish you & your children a lot of mandala coloring fun!

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