ANNOUNCING 10 FREE Adult Mandalas To Color

Three scoops in the world of adult coloring & mandalas

I am thrilled to share 10 preview images (please see below) which you can download for free starting tomorrow as well as a unique 12 minute Mandala Soundtrack, all as a 100 % Free Sample from the long awaited Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 3.0 (Download Edition) which will be launched next week.

If you have already subscribed to my newsletter, you will receive the free download link in your INBOX tomorrow. If you have not yet subscribed, you might still have the chance to download the Free 2.0 edition before it goes offline forever, and you'll also receive the new Free download tomorrow!

Because I’ve been into coloring since 2007 (long before the adult coloring craze took off), I was able to grow and evolve as a mandala artist over the years, and I was able to listen carefully to the feedback of thousands and thousands of mandala colorers all over the world . . bringing me up to this point where I happily present three major scoops in the world of adult coloring and mandalas to you.

Scoop 1: Now you can print all the mandalas in any size you want!

Yes, you are reading it correctly! I’ve upgraded all the mandalas from the 2.0 version to high quality vector formats, meaning that you will be able to print them in any size you want, in exactly the same high quality! Besides many upgraded mandalas, there are also many new mandalas in this 3.0 edition, and, in many cases, the upgrade itself was enough to make the 2.0 mandala look & feel as new.

Here you can see you can print the mandala coloring pages in any size you want!

Scoop 2: 120 Minutes especially composed Mandala Coloring Soundtracks!

This is probably the most unique feature so far! Since my first steps as a musician, I use my mandalas, lightlanguage and geometrical figures as my main music scores (instead of notes): my music and my mandala art come from the same source of inspiration. So, when you color my mandalas while listening to the coloring soundtracks, you will most likely experience your desired benefits (relaxation, creative joy, mindfulness,…) far more quickly than ever before. The mandalas and their especially composed music lift each other up, they reinforce each other exponentially.

Scoop 3: The 3.0 edition contains a very wide variety of mandalas

With the 3.0 edition you will be receiving a wide variety of coloring pages (over 197), ranging from straightforward designs (but not too simple), to more multi-layered and intricate ones without being too complicated . . . plus the option to choose for some additional mandala expansion packs.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t done so by now, get your coloring gear & home printer ready and sharpen your pencils: look out for the free download link in your inbox tomorrow!

If you have any questions or experiences to share, I'd love to hear from you, feel free to post below!

With love,


  • Katelyn Peters says:

    good book

  • Georgia says:

    *** Mandalas are like flowers in the desert of daily stress… Thank you very much for sharing your work and Love! ***

  • Linda says:

    Beautiful, thanks Steven, looking forward to colouring these in. xx

  • jennifer says:

    Many thanks peace and love

  • Aletta says:

    I am anxious to see your artistic mandalas and very thankful that I can have these free.

    thanks for sharing your gifted talents. If mine turn out halve way decent, I would like to frame them & put them on the wall so I can enjoy them everyday. Merry Christmas.

  • Doris says:

    Steven, Can you please send me the link for the mandalas that you are just releasing. I’m already signed up for your newsletter and have gotten the mandalas from the 2.0 but for some reason I found the link in my spam and then lost it between my smartphone and laptop. Thank you

  • steven says:

    Hi! I am sending the free download link for the 3.0 mandalas to color this very moment, thanks for your interest, best regards, Steven

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