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ANNOUNCING 10 FREE Adult Mandalas To Color

Three scoops in the world of adult coloring & mandalas

I am thrilled to share 10 preview images (please see below) which you can download for free starting tomorrow as well as a unique 12 minute Mandala Soundtrack, all as a 100 % Free Sample from the long awaited Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 3.0 (Download Edition) which will be launched next week.

If you have already subscribed to my newsletter, you will receive the free download link in your INBOX tomorrow. If you have not yet subscribed, you might still have the chance to download the Free 2.0 edition before it goes offline forever, and you'll also receive the new Free download tomorrow!

Because I’ve been into coloring since 2007 (long before the adult coloring craze took off), I was able to grow and evolve as a mandala artist over the years, and I was able to listen carefully to the feedback of thousands and thousands of mandala colorers all over the world . . bringing me up to this point where I happily present three major scoops in the world of adult coloring and mandalas to you.

Scoop 1: Now you can print all the mandalas in any size you want!

Yes, you are reading it correctly! I’ve upgraded all the mandalas from the 2.0 version to high quality vector formats, meaning that you will be able to print them in any size you want, in exactly the same high quality! Besides many upgraded mandalas, there are also many new mandalas in this 3.0 edition, and, in many cases, the upgrade itself was enough to make the 2.0 mandala look & feel as new.

Here you can see you can print the mandala coloring pages in any size you want!

Scoop 2: 120 Minutes especially composed Mandala Coloring Soundtracks!

This is probably the most unique feature so far! Since my first steps as a musician, I use my mandalas, lightlanguage and geometrical figures as my main music scores (instead of notes): my music and my mandala art come from the same source of inspiration. So, when you color my mandalas while listening to the coloring soundtracks, you will most likely experience your desired benefits (relaxation, creative joy, mindfulness,…) far more quickly than ever before. The mandalas and their especially composed music lift each other up, they reinforce each other exponentially.

Scoop 3: The 3.0 edition contains a very wide variety of mandalas

With the 3.0 edition you will be receiving a wide variety of coloring pages (over 197), ranging from straightforward designs (but not too simple), to more multi-layered and intricate ones without being too complicated . . . plus the option to choose for some additional mandala expansion packs.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t done so by now, get your coloring gear & home printer ready and sharpen your pencils: look out for the free download link in your inbox tomorrow!

If you have any questions or experiences to share, I'd love to hear from you, feel free to post below!

With love,


Reviews about mandalas to color

People`s reviews about mandala coloring meditation

A free style mandala on aquarel paperEvery week or so, I receive some spontaneous enthusiastic reviews from people all around the world, sharing their experiences with my mandalas to color. As I feel, mandala coloring has many different kinds of benefits, on various levels of our being. At the same time, I cannot guarantee that mandala coloring works for you, and that you will experience all the positive effects coloring has to offer (just read all the reviews to get a taste). In the end, it all depends on your openness to receive. And we all know… even if we’re sometimes in denial: there is no magic pill to solve all of our burdens and problems. A solution may show itself in different ways, shapes and forms… and it is our duty to recognize it and to take action when our gut tells us to do so.

Mandala coloring may work for you, or not. And even so… if you just want to color for fun, without the desire to solve any specific issues in your life such as stress, boredom, headache, depression… it’s just meant to be fun, nothing more, nothing less. Coloring mandalas is not to be taken too seriously! I feel we should approach them with a child like attitude, and just enjoy the process, alone and with good music and a nice cup of tea… or with a bunch of friends. And then, out of the blue, you might be surprised how deeply they can impact you and help you make profound shifts.

That being said, I’ll let other people do the talking, the ones that sent me their experiences and reviews through mail. For the sake of privacy, I only mention their first name. And if you want to read some reviews of people who gave me permission to share their pictures and names, please visit my reviews page here.

Click here to start coloring! 

Review about my free mandala coloring meditation kit

Christiane sent me the following email after having signed up for the free edition of the mandala coloring meditation kit (which offers 10 free mandalas to color) I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you are doing in sharing and spreading the mandala colouring in this way. Have just printed everything out, and listened to the lovely music clip – and I look forward to ‘getting into the mood’ that way when I’m ready to start. Even just printing the sheets out, and taking in the different intentions of each of the ten mandala samples, was very moving. I’m sure I will come back to you with questions or more comments, after getting more into this. So – thank you so so much for your open-heartedness and generosity towards all who find your offer / your website. Warm wishes to you, Christiane

Review as a reply to my mandala coloring discount offer

One of my earliest and very small mandala art paintings, way back around 2000From time to time, I send a generous discount offer to the subscribers of my email list. However, even then not everybody can afford to spend even a little money. This is Pam’s answer, as a reply to my discount offer: Hi Steven. The mandala coloring kit is worth more than you are asking, whatever price you are asking! Steven, I am unemployed and have no money. I sent you the last email to tell you that you have an excellent product, just to let you know that a lot of people should be interested. I cannot offer a “best fair price” because I have no money to pay for it. I just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with what I have seen of your work – it is awesome and the idea of the music with the coloring books is an excellent one. Keep up the good stuff and make sure you get what this product is really worth. In peace, Pam

Two more spontaneous reviews after receiving the free mandalas to color edition

Mandala review 1: Hi Steven, I am loving the mandalas, as is my 8 year old daughter. I hang the completed mandalas in our sacred space and around our dreamboards and the dreamboards of the rest of the family. I find that I get lost in them, so thank you, Muriosa  

Mandala review 2: Dear Steven, Greetings from Tanzania East Africa. And thank you sooo much for your gifts of free Mandala coloring. I downloaded them and I am working them out with myself and with my students in schools where I teach Holistic Education. (…) Sincerely yours Sr. Gladys

There are many, many other reviews and mandala testimonials. I cannot feature all of them in this blog post. However, from time to time I might publish some of them, just to provide you with a taste of what mandala coloring can bring to your life. If you have not yet received your 10 free mandala coloring pages, just click here to start colouring!

Oh yes! If you want to share your experiences about mandala coloring, please add your comment below, I am (and the readers of this blog are) very curious to hear about your experiences,

All the best,

Click here to start coloring!

Mandalas to colour are getting extremely popular nowadays!

Mandala colouring meditation featured in The Guardian

Tsunami-like traffic increase to mandala website

A couple days ago I was pleasantly surprised to see a sudden tsunami-like increase in traffic to my mandala website. Such an amazing increase that I checked out my website analytics data, to gain some insights into where all this new traffic was coming from. Quickly I discovered that it mainly came from the website of the UK-based internationally respected newspaper ‘The Guardian’, winner of the Pulitzer prize.

Philippa Perry, a psychotherapist and published author, wrote the article with the headline ‘Colouring in can free your mind. Let`s learn how to play again’. In this article, she talks about how adults, as they grow up and get older, easily forget about the joy and learning potential of play. And that one specific tool, helping grown ups remain playful, is really getting immensely popular these days: colouring.

Click here to start colouring!


Colouring in can free your mind. The Guardian features mandalas to color

Mandalas to colour as featured in The Guardian

(Yes, please note that, because I’m referring to Perry’s article, I’m using the British variant of ‘colouring’ instead of the American way of spelling ‘coloring’).

One of the colouring books she mentions in her article is Secret Garden, a book by Johanna Basford, which has sold over 1.4m copies, and has hit the top of Amazon`s bestseller list this month. Colouring, Perry continues, is not a passive act, it`s all about making creative decisions and about freeing up your mind to become more creative. I totally agree! That is exactly the reason why I created the first edition of the Mandala Colouring Meditation Kit way back in 2007: to help adults like you and me to free our minds, and to lift our spirits. I`ve been working intensely to create 8 mandala colouring books, together with a colouring guide & relaxing music. A complete creative meditation system so to speak, helping you to develop and/or maintain a playful state of mind.

I`ve not (yet) reached the top 1 Amazon`s bestseller list, though I could say that my mandalas to colour are very popular as well, especially considering that mandalas are intended for a more specific target group – mandala colouring books are far less know to the general public than the average colouring book. If you want to know more about mandalas, please read my article “your introduction to the healing powers of mandala coloring pages”.

Click here to start colouring! 

Mandalas to colour help you to enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of meditation

The second coloring book Perry mentions in her article – the reason for the immense increase in traffic to my website – is the mandala colouring book I`m offering for free, as an introduction to the complete mandala colouring meditation kit 2.0 – providing over 200 beautiful mandalas in different shapes and gradations from easy to average & advanced. Seeing my website ‘Mandala colouring meditation’ appearing in Perry`s article really makes me happy! This is proof that colouring is becoming quite popular these days, and that more and more people are finally realizing what wonderful benefits that mandalas to colour can provide, especially if you colour mandalas. Mandalas to colour are one of the easiest ways, as I feel, to enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.

Galactic Mandala to colour

Here you find a galactic mandala colouring page

Perry writes that my website ‘claims’ that colouring is a helpful tool for meditation, and that she`s not very comfortable with the non-specific language I use on my website like “heal your mind, body & spirit”. Well… to be honest, I`m also not a fan of this kind of language, unless I know for sure that there are no claims being made, simply a description of down to earth reality. Don`t take my words for it, just read the reviews from people that have used and are probably still using my Mandala Colouring Meditation Kit 2.0. I`m receiving these kinds of positive reviews very regularly: my mandalas to colour are being used all over the world, not only by family households, but also by professional art therapist, psychotherapists, psychologists and life coaches. I even got emails from people who use it in prisons… literally freeing minds. And of course! Mandalas to colour are not for everyone, and I cannot guarantee that you will experience all the benefits up to the same extent of what you read in the reviews on my website or anywhere else on the internet. If it doesn`t work for you, then something else will do the job for you,… The beauty is that we live in a world full of exciting & unlimited possibilities! So, if you feel ready to explore mandala colouring, please be my guest! Kindly, Steven Vrancken Artist – Bruges (Belgium) Click here to start colouring!

Please note: Compared to the ones you find on Amazon, my colouring books are, only available as downloadable PDF files, as ebooks. You can`t get them on Amazon or in any other bookstore (yet?), though, you can save them on your computer and print them whenever you like and in as many copies as you can draw 🙂 I believe colouring ebooks have great advantages over hard copy colouring books, to name just a few: 1) ebooks are more ecological, you only print what you need 2) you don`t need to re-buy these books to start colouring again, you can print as many pages as you like, over and over again, and 3) ebooks are wonderful for left-handers and right-handers, something which is often overlooked.

Mandalas to Colour - sneak preview

colouring mandalas can bring you a lot of creative joy!

The Shocking Truth About Mantra`s revealed!

In the world of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality, people and gurus and teachers often rave about Mantra`s… . Well, finally, Swami Heyokananda reveals their truth. After watching this video, you`ll never think the same anymore about Mantras! Ready for the shocking truth? Beware! Your spiritual understanding about the power and magic of mantras will be reshaped forever.

Besides making a parodies about, for example, some spiritual stuff,  I mainly make music, and off course, love to keep on sharing my mandala coloring pages.

Your 2013 Mandala Coloring Christmas Gift: free relaxing music to inspire your creativity

I`m happy to give you a wonderful Christmas gift, to inspire your mandala coloring and other creative activities!

You can download it directly through this link (Free mp3); or already give it a listen here. Feel free to pass on this Christmas gift to your friends!

As you probably know – if you read my blog and learn more about my artistic activities – I like to make music a lot, besides creating mandalas.

Many people, all over the world, tell me they use my relaxing music for all kinds of different purposes, and one of them is setting up a relaxing atmosphere,
and to support creativity.

Well, especially for this Christmas, I made a professional 25 minutes piano track that you can use… just to relax, enjoy… and surely as background
music while you are coloring your mandalas – or doing any other creative activity.

And if you would like to check out my other CD`s and music albums, please check out my Bandcamp store: starting at just $ 7, relaxing piano music and nature sounds as well.

Wishing you all the best!


=> in case you missed it, here is the free direct Soundcloud download link: Download your Christmas gift here (mp3)

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